Our Field Experience Gives You a Shortcut to Success

One of the best ways to get to the top is to stand on the shoulders of proven performers.

That’s the advantage Shurwest has over all other IMOs. Before he founded Shurwest Financial Group in 1985, Ron Shurts was an insurance agent selling life insurance, fixed-indexed annuities and long term care insurance to farmers in Western Nebraska. Although he enjoyed a high level of success, he grew increasingly frustrated with the products and level of support he was getting from insurance carriers.

Ron felt that the cookie-cutter fixed-index annuity products made it difficult for him to differentiate himself from his competition. Even worse, he had to spend too much time—time that could have been spent making sales calls—dealing with a home office that didn’t view the world from the producer’s perspective.

As a result, Ron spent countless hours:

  • Chasing down 1035 exchanges.
  • Calling repeatedly to get issues resolved for his customers.
  • Leaving voicemail messages that mostly went unanswered.
  • Resolving error notifications he received at the 11th hour.
  • Dealing with customer service representatives who gave incorrect or vague answers.

He thought there had to be a better way.

Where Advisors’ Needs Come First

After talking with many insurance agents, financial advisors and registered representatives, Ron discovered others in the field felt the way he did. He felt there had to be a better way to provide fixed-index annuity products and services to the field.

In 1985, Ron co-founded Shurwest with his friend and business associate Mark West. With a combined 33 years of field experience to draw on, Ron knew he could build a successful company that operated from the producer’s perspective.

From the start, Shurwest Financial Group focused on three concepts:

  • Building solid relationships with producers
  • Creating a customer service model that put producers’ needs ahead of carriers’ needs, and
  • Developing products and innovative marketing concepts that would ensure the success of Shurwest’s producers

The focus on fixed-index annuities and quality service still remains. But today there is a greater emphasis on providing the advisor with retirement income-planning strategies and using a fixed-index annuity as a fixed-income alternative.

Shurwest offers innovative sales and marketing strategies to help advisors attract new clients, increase their case sizes and raise their closing ratios. To learn how you can benefit from Shurwest’s success, call Marc Montini, our Chief Marketing Officer, at 800-440-1088.

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