Baby boomers are researching annuities, annuity rates and advisors on the internet, and now you have a chance to connect with them.

eLeads is our program developed with an internationally successful digital marketing company that attracts leads via internet ads offering a report on the best annuities on the market.

Prospects who show interest are called and asked a series of questions on their assets, interest level and ability to purchase an annuity. Because of this personal pre-qualification, you receive more background information, resulting in a higher-quality lead.

Free Up Your Time by Holding Virtual Meetings

Here’s What You eLeads Can Do For You:

  • attract new (internet-skilled) clients
  • broaden your sales territory—even to other states
  • shorten your sales cycle
  • save time by holding some client meetings virtually or in-person

We have advisors who use eLeads exclusively for client acquisition. Other advisors use it to keep business flowing between their seminars and live events.

As an added benefit, you also gain access to a proven step-by-step appointment process to streamline your client acquisition.

Territories are protected, so call Scott Drake at Shurwest to see if yours is available: 800-440-1088.