My favorite thing about Shurwest is the people I work with every day.


VP of Operations

Tessa has been in the annuity industry for almost 20 years, more than half of that with Shurwest, after seven years working for MetLife. She oversees operations for annuity distribution at Shurwest, assisting producers and our annuity consultant teams, maintaining our carrier relationships and working to improve our business practices.

We save advisors countless hours they might otherwise spend on hold with a carrier or getting bounced from department to department. When advisors work with us, they are freed up to meet with clients and write new business.


Annuity Operations Manager

Kristin has worked at Shurwest for eight years, and she leads the administrative team, helping them process and expedite applications, speed up contracting and commission checks and seamlessly resolve carrier issues. She enjoys learning about the different types of retirement options available, and values her personal relationships with both advisors and co-workers.

I love my job and plan to be here until I retire–in like, thirty years from now. It’s a wonderful atmosphere which allows for personal career growth.


Account Manager

Sara is a Shurwest veteran, having been with us for more than 10 years. She began her career with us as a receptionist and worked her way up to her current position as the dedicated Account Manager for Jordan McGrath’s Team. Sara is passionate about helping the advisors she works with understand the new business process from start to finish. Seeing a case from initial submission through issue and beyond is just part of what sets Sara apart. Having a dedicated Account Manager ensures the advisors she works with are receiving the consistent and accurate service they deserve.

My favorite thing about being part of the Shurwest family is knowing that I play a role in the success and growth of the business for both the advisors and Shurwest.


Account Manager

Windy has been with Shurwest for a year and a half, providing policyholder services and expediting new business. Prior to joining the company, she worked for over ten years in customer service. She understands what advisors need and is well-equipped to help them. She reviews every application prior to submittal to carriers in order to make the suitability review and issuing process move along more smoothly, and she assists with policy needs after applications are in force.

It’s rewarding to me to know that our part in the policy-writing process really makes a difference to advisors and clients.


Account Manager

Kim is dedicated to assisting Shurwest financial advisors working with Marc Lindsey, Mike Whorton and John McConnell. She scrubs and follows up on applications and answers policy and post-issue questions. Prior to joining Shurwest, Kim spent more than a decade delivering memorable customer service in the hospitality and property management industries. Kim grew up in Hawaii and received her bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University. Recently married, she and her husband are enjoying settling into and remodeling their new home.

I really like the group atmosphere at Shurwest. I was used to a lot of separation in the military, here we’re interdependent.


Account Support Specialist

Lauren handles application submissions and follow-up required to get our advisors appointed by the different insurance carriers we offer. She spent the last decade with the U.S. Navy, serving as a police officer and in administration, and was posted around the world. She ultimately rose to assisting top officers before joining Shurwest. Lauren will soon receive her bachelor’s in business administration from American Military University.

What satisfies me most is that my work behind the scenes allows advisors to spend more time focusing on generating new business and taking care of their other priorities.


Contracting Coordinator

Autumn brings an extensive background to Shurwest’s contracting and licensing team, which includes compliance, project management and client services. Her primary focus at Shurwest is to help advisors get set up with each individual carrier and to ensure full compliance so all business runs smoothly and effortlessly. She understands how complex an advisor’s job can be, and takes pride in assisting with all the back-end work to speed up the contracting process and solve any carrier issues.

I came from a huge company, and I’m happy to be part of a smaller ‘work family’ here. Shurwest gets an amazing amount of paperwork processed every day.


Contracting Consultant

Amanda pitches in and helps our staff as well as our financial advisor partners with administrative tasks and paperwork as needed. Originally from Milwaukee, she graduated with two bachelor’s degrees—one in public relations and one in psychology—from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Amanda has experience in processing automobile insurance policies which she gained while working at Enterprise. She’s a Packers fan and loves hiking in Arizona.

“The vibe is here is much more fun than your typical corporate culture, yet we get so much done.”

Van Zutphen

Account Support Specialist

Chad helps the Shurwest team out with all sorts of requests and projects, and he enjoys working with people to achieve their goals from start to finish. He received his degree in communications from University of Hawaii at Manoa, and worked for three years in sales and operations for a medical supplies firm in Washington, his home state, before moving to AZ. He loves playing tennis and being outdoors–he’s rapidly getting used to the many sunny days here.

“Shurwest has a true team atmosphere. I feel comfortable asking for help as well as pitching in to help others. Collectively we get an amazing amount of work done.”


Account Support Specialist

Victoria helps Shurwest advisors all over the United States by scrubbing applications sent to multiple carriers, spotting anything missing or problematic, and working to eliminate issues quickly and efficiently. After graduating from ASU with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she worked for financial institution for five years, and recently worked in operations handling a high volume of applications for a university. In her spare time, she is a huge music fan, and enjoys traveling.

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