Shurwest is an innovative, vibrant community committed to helping our advisors succeed, and I am excited to be a part of it.


Vice President of Marketing

Building a secure financial future has always been Tandi’s passion, and she has worked in the financial services industry her entire career. With more than 15 years of marketing, branding, sales, training and product innovation behind her, Tandi leads the strategy for the marketing of Shurwest and our advisors. Tandi’s strengths in maximizing organizational efficiency, enhancing teamwork, leveraging skills and developing tools to measure ROI allow the Shurwest marketing team to deliver increasingly innovative, creative and results-oriented marketing services to our advisor partners.

My favorite thing about Shurwest is working together with a strong, talented marketing team.”


 Director of Advisor Marketing

Lita drives and manages both Shurwest and advisor marketing projects, serving as our marketing liaison with key advisors. She enjoys building long-lasting relationships and sharing marketing strategies and tips, helping advisors grow their practices and enhance their brands. Lita believes everyone in the marketing department brings a different strength to the table. “I learn and grow every day just by working together on projects for our advisors,” she says.

I enjoy providing marketing support that is ROI-driven. A lot of marketing can seem like ‘vapor’ to advisors. I think it’s important for every tool and service we provide to have a specific benefit and be integrated with an overall strategy. It’s very gratifying to work for a company like Shurwest that pushes you to be innovative and gives you the necessary tools to do so.


Client Acquisition Program Manager

Scott Drake drives and develops unique digital strategies and lead generation programs for Shurwest and our advisors. Scott’s past experience includes 20+ years as a large-market, on-air radio personality, as an on-camera news talent covering legal, financial and medical topics, and as the director of digital content development for a local video news production house.

I help our advisors by developing or enhancing their brand identity, and making sure that their brand ‘look’ is consistent on every marketing piece we create for them.”


Graphic Designer

Jenn has been with Shurwest for over two years, providing graphic services and marketing support for both Shurwest and our advisors. Prior to joining Shurwest, she spent five years running her own graphic design agency and five years as a graphic designer at an award-winning design firm in Phoenix. In addition to her talent as a designer, she has years of experience with pre-press graphics and print.

I love how each advisor has something that is uniquely important to them, many times it comes from personal experience. I enjoy helping them tell their story and connect with their ideal customers. I also really like that at the heart of it all, the goal is to help people create a more secure future for them and their families.”


Graphic Designer

Gina helps advisors grow their practices by developing a strong brand for them, enhancing each advisor’s credibility with their clients and potential clients. She helps elevate advisors’ marketing materials by using graphic techniques to better communicate and simplify complex messages about finances and retirement planning. With years of experience designing for entrepreneurs and start-ups as well as for large corporations with established brands, Gina values the fact that Shurwest allows her to work with such a variety of advisors, developing different brand identities for each one.

I love the fact that I am helping advisors communicate about financial solutions which help families with retirement and college tuition—two of the biggest issues facing Americans.


Sr. Writer / Content / Social Media / SEO

Holding a degree in journalism and having many years of experience in advertising and marketing, Pel writes content for our financial advisors as well as for Shurwest. She also creates content for blog posts, social media and PR, and she is passionate about SEO. In the past she co-owned an advertising agency, and helped the Arizona Republic launch, one of the nation’s first news websites. She became a huge fan of fixed indexed annuities after reading Tony Robbins’ book Money, Master the Game shortly before interviewing with Shurwest.

“As a ‘learner’ who wants to constantly increase my skillset, it’s exciting to collaborate with creative people who are so good at what they do.”


Web Designer/Developer

Geoff handles many different digital design projects for Shurwest and our financial advisor partners. Most recently, he was in charge of email marketing for a local Phoenix firm for several years. Geoff was one of the first graduating classes to receive a bachelor’s degree in digital culture from ASU’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, where he learned HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress and developed his expertise in social media and content management.

I like the open-door atmosphere and good energy at Shurwest. It really fosters creativity and teamwork.”


Traffic Coordinator

Lindsey is responsible for managing the day-to-day tasks and workflows required to complete the hundreds of projects that come through the marketing department. Prior to joining Shurwest, she spent four years working in B2B marketing for a veterinary firm. She graduated from ASU with a degree in economics and minor in political science, and spent a summer in Africa as part of a group building wells to provide clean water to villagers. She loves outdoor hiking trails.

I enjoy supporting our advisors in whatever way I can.


Sr. Financial Writer

As a journalist with a B.A. from Rutgers University, as well as years spent honing his skills at Dow Jones, Standard & Poor’s and A.M. Best, Joe brings deep knowledge and understanding of finance and economics to Shurwest. His writing combined with relevant research helps advisors crystallize their messages. Joe’s work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Businessweek and several other trade journals.

I have a unique background in both marketing and events, and I love using those skills in the fast-paced environment here at Shurwest.


Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Alex brings a range of marketing skills as well as event planning and logistics to her position. She is the main point of contact with our financial advisors in arranging conferences, training, meetings, travel, hotels, food and transportation. Alex has a bachelor’s degree in communication from Western Illinois University and afterwards spent two years in the Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan. She has worked in various marketing roles for the last 10 years.

After 20+ years working in advertising and media, I am still passionate about great design.


Graphic Designer

Lesa brings her extensive creative design and branding skills to Shurwest’s marketing team. She says, “Branding is all about storytelling–it’s about highlighting the little details that make you unique and differentiate you from your competition. Every day we use a mix of psychology and creativity to communicate abstract concepts such as ‘trust’ or ‘expertise’ using color, graphics and imagery.” On weekends Lesa and husband Scott can be found at the football field managing their family business–a youth sports franchise.

I have experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery along with a few other languages. I have a passion for User Experience (UX) and understanding the psychology of how users view and interact with a website or app.


Web Developer/Designer

Zac came to us from GoDaddy, where he was a web designer for four years. While at GoDaddy, he built websites for thousands of small and large businesses in different industries. “I learned to quickly understand what clients want from their website and the ‘why’ behind their business,” he says. He’s excited to collaborate with financial advisors and bring their vision to life online. Zac loves technology, and is working on how to write new “skills” for Amazon’s Alexa. He is married with two little girls.

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