How much do you spend on seminars or workshops every year? Are you growing your practice the way you envisioned or do you feel like you’re spending more and getting less?

Seminars can be a successful way for retirement planners and financial advisors to get in front of new prospects, but if you want to quit spinning your wheels, you need to do something different.

To grow your practice you need to improve seminar attendance and increase conversion from attendance to appointments. How is your seminar different from your competition’s? Is it something memorable that firmly establishes you as a credible industry expert so prospects clamor to meet with you to discuss their retirement needs?

Advisors in our Momentum program solidify their seminar experiences by improving communication with prospects before and after their events. We will communicate with prospects who sign up for an appointment and with those who do not. With Shurwest, every lead is cultivated.

We create a video loop that plays before your presentation. This video loop includes a 3D rendering of your logo, your interviews with, and images of your area with quotes about retirement planning.

Here’s a short clip of some of the 3D logos we’ve created for advisors.

Improving your success with seminars is only one part of Momentum. When Shurwest manages 100% of your marketing efforts, you can focus on what you do best, providing retirement solutions for your clients.

Would you like to:

  • Upgrade your overall brand
  • Communicate with your database on a consistent basis
  • Improve seminar attendance and conversion
  • Establish trust and credibility before the prospect meets you
  • And engage technology and control Google with Search Engine Optimization?
  • Don’t spend another dime on seminars until you work with Shurwest to upgrade the experience. Call your Shurwest Sr. Wholesaler to learn more if you want to gain Momentum in your practice.

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