(Annuity FYI) ShurwestNEW_LOGO_CMYK_FINAL-300x71Increasing interest rates are good for some investments, but those who invest in bonds are looking for alternatives as interest rates increase.  In Marketwatch’s “Fixed-index annuities as bonds alternatives?,” Robert Klein talks about how an increase in interest rates almost always means a decrease in bond prices.  The 10-year U.S. Treasury index level of 2.83% was a 52 week high and an 84% increase from last year at this time.  The U.S. Aggregate Bond Trust had large increases two years in a row, but is down more than 3% this year.  Dividend stocks are an alternate way to offer income, but some investors see the increased equity risk to be worse than staying in the bonds markets with their money.  This has brought up the alternative of using fixed indexed annuities to keep your fixed income while remaining protected from declines in the bond and equity markets.

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