For the last decade, Shurwest employees have been donating to a local organization called Homeward Bound each December. Homeward Bound was started in 1990 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the mission of creating “pathways out of poverty for homeless families ready to make a change.”

Homeward Bound provides temporary housing, case management and support services to men, women and children in Phoenix. In 2016, they served 263 children and 147 adults—80% of whom earned a steady income and 69% who graduated to permanent housing.


You can read more about the organization here:

This December, Homeward Bound organized a “Santa’s Workshop,” designed to empower family members to shop for each other.


Brand new, unwrapped items (all donated) were organized into two “stores” – one for parents and one for kids. Each family member was given a voucher for each of the others in their family, and they used the vouchers to purchase Christmas presents for their loved ones. They also wrapped the items and made cards as part of the holiday giving experience.

Keep in mind, for these families, gifts were a rare, unaffordable luxury prior to Santa’s Workshop. Being able to give was a wonderful opportunity for all involved with this program!

Shurwest and our employees purchased one entire wish list, plus an additional 23 grocery gift cards.