Surely you have heard marketers use the phrase “content is king” many times over the years. But is that really true? The answer is – sometimes. To understand content marketing, we need to understand the difference between “brand awareness” and “lead generation.”


What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of online material including videos, blogs, and social media posts, not intended to promote your brand (brand awareness) but rather to attract interest in your products or services (lead generation) with the ultimate goal of driving profitable customer action.


The Why

Content marketing is a tool to educate prospects and existing clients; it is an additional way to communicate and connect with them. It can be used to directly attract new prospects, help convert prospects from other lead generation strategies and remind your existing clients of your broad level of expertise to help retain them.


The How

Before any marketing campaign starts we need to determine what we are trying to achieve. Is it elevating your brand, attracting qualified prospects or both? Original content can be used in both strategies but the process of plan development and execution is critical to the success. Even if your website doesn’t attract thousands of unique visits every day, it can be a successful lead generation tool if you can offer your audience great content and deliver it in a way that encourages them to give you their information and enter your sales funnels. Creating your content with a very intentional strategy can help maximize the results of your efforts.


If all of this seems overwhelming, that’s where we come in. Contact us if you would like help in developing your successful content marketing strategies!